ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) Homeschool Adventures

Calling all homeschool families! This new program offering takes place the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10 – 11:30 am. Lessons may include hikes, nature exploration, games, experiments, and scientific surveys. All parents/guardians will also receive extension activities that can be completed at home with their whole family.

This program is geared towards students in K – 5th that are learning from home, but older siblings are welcome to attend. Siblings 2 and under are free. Parents/guardians are required to attend with children. See below for upcoming dates. $7/child for non-members, $5/child for members. Parents/guardians are free. Pre-registration is required. 

  • August 16th: Geology Rocks!
    • Learn what rocks can tell us, the basics of identification, and why rocks are so important. 
  • September 13th: Botanical Investigations
    • Study the local plant and tree species! Then, create your own field guides to help you identify these species at home.
  • October 18th: Animal Architects
    • Discover our local animal architects and what they’re doing to construct their homes. Build your own beaver dam and play a game all about trapdoor spiders!
  • November 15th: Tracks & Skulls – Mammal Study
    • Investigate mammal characteristics through skull, track, and fur activities! 
  • December 13th: S’mores Quest (2nd Wed of the month)
    • Follow clues & navigate through the landscape. Along the way, your group will complete educational challenges to earn all ingredients necessary to make the perfect s’more! Finish up around the campfire to cook your sweet treat.