Native Plant Webinar


Thursday March 18    
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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Join Eric Wright, TNI Stewardship Director, and special guests as they discuss native plants and why we should be using them in our home landscapes.

The TNI Native Plant Landscaping Webinar Series is a 4 part series designed to introduce a beginner to native plant gardening.  Each webinar will take an in depth look at 4 different native plant gardening topics:  Why Native Plants?, Designing your Native Plant Project, Native Plant Installation and Maintenance, and A Virtual Tour of the TNI Greenhouse Operation.  After learning about native plants, everyone can attend the TNI Wildflower Market, buy some native plants, and apply the principles learned in the Webinar series to their very own native plant project.

Webinars will be offered at 6:30pm and are free to attend. We do request that you pre-register so that we can send you a reminder email and share any resources from the webinar.

March 18 – Why Native Plants?

Part 1 we will be discussing why everyone should add native plants to their landscaping.  Join us as we discuss the benefits of native plants, the current crisis of our ecosystems, and how native plants can help save our imperiled ecosystems.  After this webinar, you will be prepared to defend your decision to add native plants to your yard and potentially recruit people to the native plant movement.

April 1 – Designing Your Native Plant Project

In part 2 of our 4 part Native Plant Landscaping Webinar Series, we will be discussing how to design your own native plant project.  We will integrate native plants with landscape design principles culminating in a step by step break down of hypothetical native plant projects.

April 15 – Native Plant Installation and Maintenance

April 29 – Native Plant Propagation