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2nd Wednesday of the month, 10-11 AM or 1-2 PM. Sign up for as many sessions as you want!

This year we will use some of our favorite kids movies to learn more about nature! Join us outdoors to learn about bugs, forests, animals and stars, go on a short hike, and take home a new book! Groups will be limited to 10 children per time slot. In the event that we need to transition to stay at home, we will have a Knee-High Naturalist kit available for parent pickup, including all of the materials needed to do the activities at home.

February 10 – Frozen – Remarkable Reindeer
How do reindeer survive where everything is snow and ice? This month we will talk about the adaptations animals have to survive in frozen landscapes.
March 10 – Ice Age – Prehistoric Animals
Did Illinois always look like this? No! Illinois used to be covered in glaciers, snow and ice for the whole year. Can you imagine living here then? We will talk about some of the animals that lived here long ago during an age of ice.
April 14 – Princess and the Frog – What About Frogs?
What did Tiana find in the swamp? She found frogs, alligators, lightning bugs and so much more. This month we will focus on the things that live in and around the pond.
May 12 – Finding Nemo – My River
Nemo is a fish that lives in an ocean. We have lots of fish that live in the river and large ponds around here. How are they similar to Nemo? How are they different? This month we will talk about fish and where they live. 

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