2023 Native Plant Sale

May 20, 2023 from 9am-12pm

Online Sale – May 1 through May 16

The Nature Institute’s Native Plant Sale will take place in person on May 20, 9am-12pm. Various native plant species will be available for purchase for between $3-$7. This year the plant sale will be moved up to Talahi Lodge for better parking and to be more centrally located. This year we are happy to have the Restoration Ecology Program and River City Natives joining us to sell native plants.

The Nature Institute will accept cash and card payments for plants. All vendors will accept cash, some may accept cards.

Planting Guides

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Native Plant Growers in the Riverbend Area

Following information was borrowed from Grow Native! Grow Native! is the native plant marketing and education program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.

Here are a few design ideas for smaller scale plantings using native plants. If your growing conditions differ from those described here, please talk with a  Grow Native! Nursery, garden center, or landscape designer about alternative native plants that will work for you.

Native landscaping isn’t just for the back yard! If you want to establish a formal native shade garden for your front yard or other area, this  plan can help you. This Front Yard Formal article by Scott Woodbury from the spring 2019 issue of the Missouri Prairie Journal is a companion to this plan, and contains photos of many of the featured plants. Learn more about plants featured in this plan from this audio file from Scott, and learn more about the plants’ growth habits from this audio file from Scott. The following practices apply to plantings where some degree of control is desired. That is, these design elements will help produce a garden that looks as though it was thoughtfully designed and planned as opposed to a naturalistic meadow or recreated prairie where plants grow more randomly.