Program to focus on The Nature Institute and region history

November 12- Learn about The Nature Institute’s (TNI) past from those that know it the best; John M. Olin, Aune Nelson, James John Audubon and more. Dozens of costumed, local historians will be at TNI, located at 2213 South Levis Lane in Godfrey, Ill, for a “Living History: A Walk through Time” on Saturday, Nov. 21 starting at 10 a.m. Admission is $10 per person. All money acquired through this event will go to assist TNI in their mission of preservation, restoration and education.

Some speakers will be in full costume with in-period artifacts by their sides. Guests will be allowed to move along the eight historical stops of the trail at their leisure (map will be provided to guests as a take home booklet).

Historical stops along the trail include: Larry Reid, WBGZ’s Outdoors with Larry Reid, as John M. Olin; Brad Winn, Lewis and Clark State Historic Site #1, as an expedition re-enactor with the keel boat replica; story teller and author Brian “Fox” Ellis as John James Audubon and Prince Maximillian, and Eric Robinson, Underground Railroad Tours, talking about TNI property and its important role in the road to freedom.  MORE

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