Childrens Outdoor Escape Room

While visiting TNI with some friends, you might become lost, left behind, encounter confused or inquisitive aliens/monsters, or run afoul with some insane scientists. Your only hope is to use your brains to show off your knowledge and solve puzzles in order to escape the preserve.

Test out our Children’s Outdoor Escape Room! Ages 9 and up can join us for a variety of nature-based missions. Each mission provides a variety of puzzles to help you escape. Our Children’s Outdoor Escape Rooms are suitable for ages 9 and up and take place entirely outdoors. This program runs for 1 hour and is only booked for one group at a time. Group size must be 2 – 8 people and children must be accompanied by an adult. $10/person for members, $12/person for non-members. Check out our specific topics below.

Keep in mind that:

  • This program is entirely outdoors. It will be canceled or rescheduled if there are thunderstorms or heavy rains. Dress appropriately for the weather. The program will still run in light rain.
  • After an introduction to the program, your group will have up to an hour to ‘escape’.
  • There may be 1 – 2 miles of hiking with a varied terrain during this program. Wear suitable walking shoes.
  • It’s recommended that you bring a water bottle in a sling or small bag.
  • An education staff member will accompany your group for the duration of the program.
  • This program must be booked 2 weeks in advance.

Fill out an Outdoor Escape Room request to get started:

  • Animal Adaptations (5th – 8th)
  • Biomes (5th – 8th)
  • Classification & Taxonomy (7th – 10th)
  • Ecology (7th – 10th)
  • Food Webs & Chains (4th – 7th)
  • Life Cycles (3rd – 5th)
  • Life Cycle of Stars (5th – 8th)
  • Lunar & Solar Eclipse (4th – 8th)
  • Moon Phases (4th – 9th)
  • Parts of a Flower (4th – 7th)
  • Plant Adaptations (5th – 8th)
  • Plant & Animal Habitats (4th – 8th)
  • Plant Parts (8th – 12th)
  • Planets (4th – 9th)
  • Solar System (4th – 9th)
  • Space Rocks (4th – 9th)

Kids Escape Room

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